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This page was last updated on: 02/25/2016

  • CONGRATULATIONS to  John Nagazyna of the Navy in earning his Distinguished Shooter Award in the Pacfleet/All Navy Matches May 9th 2002 at Camp Pendelton, Ca.   Lt. Harland Peelle, USAF, earns DISTINGUISHED SHOOTER AWARD at New Mexico State High Power Championships, Oct.17, 1999 using Spgfld M1A built by Phil Arrington - ARRINGTON ACCURACY WORKS
  • Arizona State Junior High Power Team wins 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 National Infantry Trophy Team Match and The Arizona Arrington Accuracy Team wins 1999 Rumbold Trophy Team Match in Class
  • Phil Arrington shoots with the Air Force Shooting Team in the 1st Air Force Infantry Trophy Team in 2000 National Matches, see photo album pictures.


For details on this rifle see April 20th Shotgun News

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LE6940 Armorer wrenches on sale - Go to the AAW Store

LE6940 Armorer wrenches on sale - Go to the AAW Store

I build M16/AR15 National Match rifles with the SAME EXACT specís, procedures and assembly techniques and the same care the Army Marksmanship Unit does at Ft. Benning. I was trained by retired Cpt. Harold Thomasson of the Army Marksmanship unit. who was one of the great NM Armorers for the Army and a Master Gunsmith. Since that time I have consulted with Gene Clark, the NM Armorer at the AMU for any updates or changes to the building of the AMU NM M16ís. I build as close a rifle to the Army Marksmanship rifle as I can, following their specís, procedures and techniques to the letter. I have incorporated into my building of my tactical and Long range AR rifles as many of the AMU techniques as I can apply. I can build your out of the box AR15 rifle into a National Match rifle of high accuracy or I can build you a complete rifle from a bare receiver using the highest quality parts. Building a complete rifle for you is a personal thing for me and it is important for you to have the rifle do what you want it to do. I do not have prices here for complete rifles, everyone wants something different. If you wish to have a complete rifle built, please call me (Phil Arrington) and we can discuss the rifle and your purpose for it on the phone together and make sure the rifle is built exactly the way you want it.

If you have any questions about building a rifle, either call me at (623) 582-5066 or Email me. I'll be happy to answer your questions.....Phil Arrington

2 out of 10 National Champions at Camp Perry, 1998 used Arrington Accuracy National Match Service Rifles

U.S. RIFLE, cal. 5.56, M-16/AR-15


National Match Modifications and Costs


ar15.h1.gif (116510 bytes)

Current Pit Duties....Click on this picture to enlarge it.

National Match Glass bedding - The precise National Match Glass bedding - The precise mating of the upper and lower receiver using a steel epoxy compound. The fit now is tight enough that the take-down push pins must be driven out.


National Match DCM Legal floater tube - Made from the U.S. Armyís blueprint. The 1/8" wall seamless steel tubing makes a solid foundation for the handguard and the sling swivel to be mounted to. The barrel will now float from the receiver out to the muzzle.

National Match Handguards - The handguards are clearance to fit the DCM floater tube and are then unitized to the tube.
Forend weight - I have 3# forend weights that can be installed inside the handguard to help raise the weight of the rifle. The weight is unitized into the forend so that it will not rattle or vibrate when the rifle is fired. They can be installed whole or cut down to add as much or as little weight as needed to balance the rifle.
Butt stock counterweight - The installation of a Hbar, a DCM floater tube and forend weight makes the front end of the rifle very heavy, to balance the rifle out and to make it feel the way you want it to feel, a counterweight is installed into the butt of the rifle.
The final overall weight of the rifle when finished can be near 17 1/2 pounds. In the rapid fire strings the rifle wonít even move off target. If your not careful youíll finish the string with enough time to plot the group before the targets go down.

nellis-AFB.jpg (65305 bytes)One of the keys to a good National Match AR type rifle is replacing that old single stage trigger with a 4 1/2-4 3/4 pound NM 2-stage trigger.

Arrington Accuracy can supply Armalite, Rock River and Bushmaster 2 stage triggers and any other trigger at competitive prices. By installing the trigger correctly and using a hone and stones on the sear surfaces, the trigger pull can be adjusted to break crisply at just over 4 1/2 pounds. Most of the triggerís weight will be pulled in the 1st stage leaving only ounces to be pulled in the 2nd stage. You will never feel the 2nd stage move before the rifle goes off. $ 75.00 labor charge and RRA 2 stage triggers


I also build a match grade single stage trigger - Using the mil-spec trigger from your rifle I will inlay a piece of tool steel to replace the sear surface and install set screws to limit engagement and over travel.


AZ Service Rifle - 1999

*New* National Match Rear Sights - A completely new Custom Machined rear sight with 1/4 minute adjustments for elevation and windage and an interchangeable aperture and hood. The New Sight duplicates exactly what the ARMY MARKSMANSHIP UNIT is using and it is built to fit just your rifle and hand fitted. the sight is DCM Legal. .

THE NEW REAR SIGHT IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN KIT FORM TOO  ( no price advertised) call for price

THE NEW REAR SIGHT IS ALSO AVAILABLE IN KIT FORM TOO $120 pp. You must do minor fitting to the sight base and elev. wheel to have it fit your receiver (both are slightly oversize by .002") because not all receivers are the same. but if your handy with your hands, you can do it..  if not send the upper receiver and sight back to me and I'll install it for you.

This is the same rear sight currently used on the ARMY's National Match M-16ís

There are many SO-CALLED National Match rear sights on the market today. A true National Match rear sight will fit the bore of the upper receiver perfectly within 1/2 thousandth to .001". Anything over that means you loose at 600 yards. Before you buy that sight use a micrometer on the threaded elevation shank. It should measure .499-.4985". You can supply your own parts but some parts are of inferior quality and can not be used. Call before you buy.

The Bob Jones Rear Sight is a hooded rear sight with interchangeable apertures and a prescription lens. The lens are interchangeable and fitted to your eye. Do you have trouble focusing on the front sight post? The Bob Jones Sight will fix that for you. The Jones sight needs to be installed into a good NM rear sight base. Aperture sizes from .036 - .060.

Cost is $ 85.00 plus $ 65.00 labor



SHOP LABOR RATES $ 65.00 per hour

National Match front sights - Posts are taper cut forward like the M-1/M-14 front sight so that light will not reflect off the sides of the sight back into the shooters eyes. The front post is then set rock solid into the sight base. Available in standard .072, .062 and .050 other widths special order.

National Match Front Sight Base Modification - Modify front sight base for windage adjustment by removing the taper pins that retain the base to the barrel. Machining of the barrel and installing set screws into the base.

Why do you need a windage adjustable front sight base? This modification will allow you to zero your rear sight. There are times when you will need all the windage you can get out of the rear sight.

Youíve heard the story about the high power shooter shooting at the 600 yd line at Capitian, New Mexico and the wind was blowing so strong that he put 21 clicks of wind on and sighted on the target next to his just to hit on his own target.

I try to keep Douglas Premium Air-Gauged Match Barrels in stock with 1in 8 twist rate 11 degree crown with hand fitted bolt in 223 cal.

Installed in your receiver. $ 595.00 complete with bolt.

Barrels are cut along the Armyís blueprint for the HBAR barrel. If you insist the muzzle can be threaded for a flash suppresser but the flash suppresser does not add to the accuracy of the rifle.

Krieger barrels 1n7.7 twist with 11 degree crown and hand fitted bolt

National Match check out and fit of all parts for smoothness of operation. 

I have special springs to be used in the extractor and ejector.

Parkerizing or phosphating finishes make that old rifle look new. New Rifle Look

Metacol III finish is a very durable finish and has a silicone base. Sprayed on wet and then heat treated. Available in a number of colors and flat or satin finishes. Call with wants.

Building a national match rifle requires taking the rifle to the range and sighting it in and checking it for accuracy and function. That range trip with ammo is $75

Normal return Fedex shipping with Ins. is $75

Old parts are normally kept as trade-in to help offset rising costs.

If you need your old parts back, please let me know before the total cost is figured.



By popular demand I now carry the JOHN WELLER Line of

These are the toughest, Strongest, most well built service rifle slings  you've ever seen. When comparing the John Weller sling To the Turner sling, you'll realize Turner could have been a little better quality for the money. J. Weller's slings are all Hand made and Hand stitched
 If you want to buy "the LAST sling you'll ever have to buy," buy a John Weller.

Pictured is the commemorative 2004 National Matches - Camp Perry with Oak Tanned leather and Stainless hwd same as the sling used on the  President's 100 presentation rifle $75

Available in Oak Tan, Brown Ladigo, Black Ladigo, Oxblood, English Bridal leather  with Stainless steel,  or Polished  Brass with or w/o numbered holes Call or Email me for your choice

Surprise, AZ
(Please call or Email for appointments & shipping instructions)
Phone 623-986-7806

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