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Arrington Accuracy Works

Surprise, AZ

(Please call or Email for appointments & shipping instructions)

PH # 623-986-7806 - Fax # 623-582-5992 



  • CONGRATULATIONS to Lt. Harland Peelle, USAF, earns DISTINGUISHED SHOOTER AWARD at New Mexico State High Power Championships, Oct.17, 1999 using Spgfld M1A built by Phil Arrington - ARRINGTON ACCURACY WORKS

  • Arizona State Junior High Power Team wins 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 National Infantry Trophy Team Match and The Arizona Arrington Accuracy Team wins 1999 Rumbold Trophy Team Match in Class

  • Phil Arrington shoots with the Air Force Shooting Team in the 1st Air Force Infantry Trophy Team in 2000 National Matches, see photo album pictures.

2 out of 10 National Champions at Camp Perry, 1998 used Arrington Accuracy National Match Service Rifles.



The rifle exceeded all my expectations. I'm extremely pleased, it's a shooter.I put 120 rounds thru it with irons first then scoped and you can see on the attached picture the groups. My M852 load was the top group in picture.... 

Thanks so much, Tom


Click to enlarge

Mr. Arrington,
Here are the targets that I used to shoot the upper you built for me. 

I was using your AR upper (20” Criterion Barrel, CMP style with 4X USMC ACOG). Distance was 100 yards, sunny, warm, no wind. Cartridges were Load-X reloads with 75 grain BTHPs (manufacturer not stated) and Fiocchi 223MKG with 69 grain Sierra Match-king HPBTs.  Both projectiles were boat-tail hollow points but the manufacturers varied the acronyms. The AR was shot off sandbags on a bench. Due to my fairly poor sandbag stacking, the rifle wobbled a bit laterally (windage). I was zeroing the ACOG.  

Target 1 has two 3 round groups- The left 3 rounds are a 1/2” group and the right 3 rounds (all touching) are a 3/8” group.
Target 2
 also has two groups- The top 3 rounds are a 3/8” group and the bottom 5 rounds are a 5/8” group. The masking taped holes are from another AR. I recycled the target. 
Needless to say, I am very happy with the performance. 


I just wanted to let you know that I finished 5th overall with a 282-6x in the Unlimited Garand Match at Camp Perry National Matches with the rifle you built for me!

Todd House
Quality Assurance Manager
Krieger Barrels, Inc.

Hay Phil,

  I shot the Garand this weekend. I found a hand load that apparently shoots well.  5 shots,  3/4" center to center at 200 yards, slung, from prone. single fired.  Picture attached.  That was on Sunday.  I didn't get to shoot accross the course.

I was on the line next to Bob Schanen and I told him that you had built the rifle and it was a solid 1/2 MOA rifle with M72.  He said "I'd like to see that"  Unfortunately I didn't have the target you sent with me... So I had to get on the mat and show him.  I think he is a tad jealous.   

I sure am happy with the rifle Phil,  What a pleasure it is to shoot. 


Again,  Just WOW about the rifle and how it shoots and feels.  I am not only impressed, but feel fortunate to have an M1G NM that shoots like this.   thanks Todd



Hi Mr. Arrington; Long time no talk to. Hope everything is going good in your world. Doing any shooting at your "private range" PD. Just an update on my progress. I'm starting to piss some people off, in a good way......last match OH 90 (ho hum) SR 98 RP95 SLOW P 196. Getting better. That damn gun puts em' where I aim. Almost scary good. I'm beating alot of good AR's and some space guns also. Sooo Happy.

Thanks J. Zak

Hi Mr. Arrington; Well I couldn't wait. I went out last weekend to break in the barrel and see what this puppy will do. And boy can that dog hunt. You still got it. After some playing around and sight adjustment....@ 100 yds to sight in.....Can you say a hole through a hole through a hole through a hole through a hole. Nuff said. Stretched it to 200 and I found the x ring pretty easily. Started getting cold and had to call it quits for the day.Anyway great job and I'm happy a shit.
take a look at the pics thanks again for every thing
Give you another update when the weather breaks

Yeah, I'd like another Weller sling. I can't help it. When I go to the line, I want to keep every thing as much together as I can. I still have delusions that I might be competitive again!!

Yeah, the ultimate optimist. When I had to quit shooting, I was capable of outshooting all of my rifles. I didn't have any as nice as yours are!! I love starting all over again!

I promise I will try to be a good Mouse gun shooter!! Ha! May have to rename it "The Super Rat!!"

The excitement of the M1 or M1A is still there. ... and the adrenaline still pumps when the targets come up!! ... and for the first time in a very long time, I have rifles that shoot much better that I can!!

Thanks John A.(Ret.Navy Hi-Pwr Shooter) North CarolinaThis page was last updated on: 03/23/2017

I had a good time shooting the new M1a.  It shot well. 
I need to work on zeros now.


Hello Phil, 

I just wanted to contact you to thank you for the really nice job you did restoring my M1A to NM condition. The week it was in transit seemed like the longest week of my life, like a kid waiting for X-Mass. To say the least when I finally had the rifle in my hands, I was in no way disappointed. Everything looks great. The trigger pull is amazingly crisp. The fit and finish of everything looks really nice. You were right about the stock paint job. First Rate. Thanks for patching up all the holes from the previous 3 lug build. You can’t even tell they were there.  

Now my only challenge is getting out to the range to fire it. Unfortunately this year, Pennsylvania February weekend weather has been dismal so far. Looks like rain or snow for the entire upcoming weekend as well. When the weather breaks and I can make it to the range, I’ll let you know how I did. Thanks for enclosing the test target. I look forward to working up some loads to try to tighten this group up a bit more. We’ll see. 

Thanks again for a really nice job. I look forward to working with you again. 

Best Regards,Mark F. 

P.S. let me know if you change your mind about selling me that extra LRB rear lug receiver you have. I’d love to have you build up another rifle for me.


     You built my AR Upper (Rock River) for me back in early 2010.  My name is Steve Sciarabba.  I have been completely satisfied with the performance of it.  I believe now it needs a barrel change since the last 3 years I have used it extensively in practice and CMP Competition, with well over 5000 rounds put through it in that amount of time.  I would need it before the upcoming season (early May starts practice).  If I send it out to you can you do a barrel change for me?  If so do you still have in stock Kreiger Barrels?  Also I am using 80 Grain Hornady Amax bullets at 600, and 77 Grain Sierra Match for 300 yards.  What are your thoughts on Douglas Barrels as compared to Kreiger for what type ammo I'm using and the longevity of them? 
By the way I became Distinguished in 2011 with your Upper .............Best Regards
                                                                                                    Steve S.

Xmas was great Phil!!  I have a rifle that has absolutely rendered me speechless - and that is quite a feat!!  Best Christmas gift EVER! 

My one and only Signature Grade rifle is the best I have ever seen or even handled!!  I hated the thought of putting Sure Grip on the stock - but I did, and it shoots like a dream!  I was reminiscing and thinking about how we took all of the excuses away from the young shooter with the M21 system.  I think that was its designation.  It used the M-40 Remington anyway.  You have done this again with ser#014xxx.  It is a wonderful feeling knowing that the rifle will shoot exactly where it is supposed to and that all of the error is on the shooter!!  That is when you really start to learn - (again in my case!!) 

What is even better is that I know that you do the same to every rifle that you build!  It is a real pleasure to know you Phil and I sorely wish that we were closer so that we could swap lies more often!! If we were closer I would have to buy some stock in our beer company!  Ha! 

By the way, I will hold you to your promise to keep her tightened up!!  I plan on taking care with this lady, but will use her too!! Thanks John A.

How are you doing?
I am getting the parts together for another M1A build that I would like
you to put together.

Stef B.

P.S. I shot a 1050-31x at Missoula, MT (Palma 1100) last Sept with my M1A you
had re-bedded for me.

Hey Phil, You ain't gettin that upper back! 
I bought some 75 gr. Hornady match ammo. (factory ammo) Shoots good. Holds the ten ring with iron sights @ 100 yrds. My gun likes the 69gr Match King/ LC case, CCI primer, 23.5 gr. H335 @ 2.250 OAL. This afternoon at 3pm I fired a 5 shot group that was covered with a dime. My friend Jim F. (NRA hi-master, distingushed rifle) Shot a clean target & duplicated that group. Thanx for your work. its a Major difference from the old Colt barrelled upper.
Msgt Harold M. USAF retired Distinguished Rifleman Small Arms Expert NRA Certified Instructor Kansas CCL Instructor

 Harold M.

Your work has paid off! 

Here's a string shot from cold barrel today, in light rain, with a full value 12-15mph headwind.

The ammo was Federal's new M1A 168 OTM load.

100 yards, from bench with sandbags, and Vortex 4-16X50 FFP scope.

I can't thank you enough.



Good Morning Phillip,

Yes, I did receive my M1, and usually I am very talkative, but ever since Friday when I got my NM M1, I have been at a loss for words. Seriously.

You know that you have raised the bar. My new rifle far exceeded my expectations and that is not easy as my standards and expectations are very high when it comes to my match rifles. You state on your website that 'if I can shoot my rifle as good as it looks, I will be doing good!' My scores were in the 97 - 98% range, but your rifle is far better than that! I didn't anticipate how the finish and the (unexpected) laminated stock would complement each other - but they really do!! ... and I'm still talking about how it LOOKS!!

The fit is phenomenal, but I expected that based on my J C Garand M1. The trigger is sharp and crisp, on both rifles, just like they are supposed to be. There is no slack in the action and lockup. It is tighter than any rifle that I have ever had. (Except my J C M1!)

Having a 1/2" group at 100 yards eliminates the cone! Having the laminated stock eliminates the concern for shooting in the rain! ... not that I will ever have to do that anymore and the sling just sets it off.

This rifle is better than First Class - all the way. I am glad that I followed your advice, you did well.

I have never had a rifle as good as this!!

Seriously, Thank you Phil.

John T.

Good Morning Phil!

I have a brand new M1 and it is gorgeous!! WOW!!
I have NEVER felt an action as smooth and as tight - ever. It is amazing - You do outstanding work.
Just to let you know, I selected you because of your history and training with a military MTU armorer. You learned well and I am very pleased with your work. I can hardly wait until I can get to the range and actually try it out. There is no doubt in my mind that your rifle will shoot better than I can!
I have Nellie's rifle that I want to send to you. Nelson was a retired marine armorer and he built rifles like you do. My first gas gun was a Glen Nelson built rifle. It survived my attempts at High Power, my son's fledgling attempts at High Power and numerous young shooters (North Carolina Junior High Power) had their first experience with it as well.
It is time to rebuild it and make it even better.
Thank you Phil, you have given me much more than a new M1.
John T.

I really like your NM A2 sight you sent me. It only took me about 20 minutes to install it. The front fits so close to the front of the receiver that I didn’t even need to install the detent ball or spring. But, my question is, should I have installed the detent ball and spring?  Thanks…….Jay
Jay B.

Answer; NO ! Jay, if it fits that well the spring and detent ball would just help wear out the aluminum recv'r where it rides against the elevation shank threads. Good Going ! thanks Phil Am Shooters

I've finally got some pics for you - feel free to use as you see fit. I apologize for taking so long to get them!

I took the rifle to another local match this past weekend, and took 3d of 16 shooters. I'm not accustomed to being competitive in any sort of match, and I've been either 3d or 4th in both matches I've fired since receiving the rifle. I REALLY enjoy shooting it, and get even more satisfaction from suddenly becoming a competitive shooter!

Merry Christmas, Steve

Phil, On Saturday, I took my M1A to the Spring Lake, NC  local service rifle match...which was the first time I fired it...earning me an UNSAT for pre-combat inspections!  However, the match director gave several of us a few minutes to zero before starting the match, so I made the necessary adjustments and was off to the races.  I shot a 448-7x on the 200 yard reduced NRA course, which was good enough to take #4 of the 15 or 16 shooters (behind the two guys firing space guns and one other; not sure what the 3d guy was shooting).  Thanks for building such an accurate rifle, which is truly fun to fire! 

If I'd remembered to take a click or two of Left correction for sitting, I'd have done even better... 

Thanks again, Steve

Mr. Arrington, I took the M1917 to the range. I was shooting at 100 yards.I used a standard NRA size target for 100 yards. My first round was high, above the target. I made a minor adjustment on rear sight. The second round was below the target ( I over compensated.) The third round was  "DEAD BULLSEYE !"WOW! From then on most of the shots were in the 9 and 10 ring, and many in bullseye. I could not believe the accuracy. I was using the Civilian Marksmanship Greek ammunition. I had to E-Mail you and thank you for the great job you did rebarreling my M1917.It has become my new favorite rifle. Thank you so very much! I hope that you and your wife have a great upcoming holiday season. Thank you again. David L. Hunter                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          


The national match trigger job was great! I just got back from the range and I put in a five inch group at 100 yards. It's been over six months since I have been to the range with this rifle. I had no idea how rough it was before you worked on it. Now it's just a smooth little pull...resistance and bang! I am gonna like this.
Great Job! Thank You!

Hi Phil, Finally got some photos of me shooting the Garand.  It great!  Really enjoyed shooting it and look forward to getting into a competition with it.

Thanks for your great work.  Hank


Phil,   I'm sorry this email cones so late after the stock arrived. It's Frickin outstanding !!!  In fact I took it out tonight for a maiden  Hog hunt!  I took one one the run at roughly 250yds!!! Thank you for all of your time and hard work!!! I  will defintely recommend your services to anyone

 that asks about the colapseable m1a stock!!!   Thank you sir, Lance Hobbs OIF/OEF Vet

Sent: Wed, Jan 12, 2011 5:53 pm
Subject: Hooded rear sight

Phil:  you put a hooded rear sight on my Armalite M-15 last Saturday at your 
home.  I shot it in a match on Sunday.  I thought I'd have to make some 
adjustments, but boy, was I surprised.  My first sighter round was an almost 
perfect X from the prone position!  I ended up shooting 455-7X, and this was 
only my second competition ever!  I was shocked to say the least.  Thanks again 
for your help and the tips you gave me, especially "putting your nose on the 
charging handle" to get a consistent sight picture.
Bill Wornick

Phil, received rifle yesterday.  Looks grreat!....almost too good to shoot.  Thanks a bunch!


Hi Phil,
I just finished the last match of the year with the 03-A3 you built me. It shoots great getting me a Gold Medal at Camp Perry and a score of "100-7X" in slow fire prone at a local match. Thanks for a great rifle. The trigger probably needs a little work before next season. It took the armorer at Perry 10 minuets and multiple tries to get it to hold the weight. Wayne

Thank you for getting back to me so soon. After a season of shooting, it is necessary up here to dismantle a gas gun completely and clean it. If you don't, parts will start rusting up here. For me, the only thing that remains untouched is the gas cylinder - I never take it off. That said, I shall heed your advice and leave the lock screw in place. I should add that the SS Krieger barrel cleans up extremely easily. I don't have the advantage of your nice dry desert air.
Best regards, Tom

Mr Arrington, Earlier this year you completed a match M 1 Garand for me, and I had the rifle out on the 600 yd range. It is scary accurate. Regards, Tom Kersten

Hello Phil.  Back in January you built a Rock River AR15 for me.  It performed excellent for me this season.  My name is Steve Sciarabba.  Question for you though.  What ammo would you recommend using at 600 yards based on the barrel twist and specifications you built for me?  Currently I have been using Hornady A-Max 80 grain.  Based on the barrel and twist do you think thats a good choice for 600 yards? Also how many rounds should I fire through it before it needs to be replaced?  I shot about 1000 rounds through it this season.  Finally we have Hart Barrels in my hometown here, what do you think of them versus Kreiger?..........................
Thanks again for all your help and expertise this season on the rifle...........Steve Sciarabba

     I am very happy with the Rock River rifle and Kreiger barrel so far.  In fact I ended up taking 1st Place in New York State for the 300 yard string this year at the State Championships using your service rifle, even beating the big boys with their Match Guns.............Steve

Hi Phil, 

I want to take the time and thank you for working on my rifle on Memorial Day. Today I placed 2nd in the Joe Foss Range CMP Match with a score of 458X6. The First place winner shot a 458X16. When the handed out the certificates, the Match Director did recognize that I was shooting a M1 Garand which scores higher the AR-15 rifles and that you had worked on the rifle for me. The winner was shooting a M1A1 match rifle. The AR’s did not stand a chance today. 

Thanks again. I’m practicing for the Western Games on October 16th now. I will shoot this rifle in a match every day with the exception of Thursday. I’m looking forward to talking with you again soon. 

Jessy Summers

From: KRMitchell <>
Sent: Thu, Sep 16, 2010 7:17 pm
Subject: New Mexico Range Report...

This is truly the Land of Enchantment. Once again a great day on the range this morning, with clear and beautiful Blue skies with very few white clouds around the Santa Fe and Sandia Mountains, Temp 76.2 - 78.0 °F, wind at 6.0-11.2 MPH right out of the Northeast, humidity high at 48%, elevation on range is 5,928 feet. I brought out my NM M1A. I have spent three trips to the rifle range in the past several weeks to break-in my new NM Krieger barrel. I was able to sight it in this morning. I started off with my old friend Radway Green military surplus from 1995. Headstamp L2A2 NATO cross 95 RG... The final test would be with Lake City 7.62 mm Match XM118 from 1965, lot # 12044, with the 173 grain bullets.

This is the same Radway
Green that has been on the internet for the past 12 months, the bandoleers are made out of plastic, with five pockets, with Velcro tabs on each pocket, 15 rounds per pocket, 75 rounds per bandoleer.

The NRA's 50th National Police Shooting Championship (NPSC) is being held on the next range over from us this morning, in fact, they are here the entire week, competitors from around the regent are here in Albuquerque this week.

Standard 100 yard range target, using only my good eye.

Well the first target was a 50-5X with average of 0.858" MOA. Headstamp L2A2 NATO cross 95 R
G , bright shiny clean brass, 5 rounds only.
2nd target a little better with a 100-10X with average of 0.774" MOA. Lake City 7.62 mm Match XM118 from 1965 lot # 12044, clean bright shiny brass, 10 rounds only.
Then I shifted to the 220 yard targets, 10 of 10 hits on the metal Gong, Lake City 7.62 mm Match XM118 from 1965 lot # 12044, clean bright shiny brass.
Then I moved over onto the 560 yard target, still using the Lake City MSA from '95, I hit 10 out of 10 on the metal Gong in a row.
Oh by the way.....the 7.62 rounds hitting those metal targets at that range sure makes a great "THUD" to hear?

This day was my best ever on the rifle range with the Radway Green and the M118 Lake City Match surplus ammunition, Oh yeah, I stopped at Bob's Burgers and I had a large double green chile Ranchero burger on the way home.

I would like to thank Phil Arrington (In the Phoenix area) for rebarreling my rifle and getting it back together in such great shape for me, the man's a genies with M14's. I would also like to thank Trung Si, for talking with me and steering me in the right direction on the NM barrel design that I needed. Finally, I would like to thank the Group Buy with 82nd ABN for the Krieger NM Barrels listing.


Just a note to say I got 1 coat of Tru Oil on the Garand stock, I got from you.  You were not kidding, the wood is beautiful.  I thank you very much for a top notch product.  I will keep you in mind for my next stock.


Phil,  I got my M1 back last week, but didn't get to shoot it until this morning. I went through 50 rounds rapid fire sitting and prone without a hitch, and every shot -barring the two 9s I pulled -- went into the 10 or X-ring.  

Many thanks!   Remember Texas has a regional match and a State match before Perry, but if you don't make them, I'll see you on commercial row.  

Again, Thanks! Jim Booker

  Just wanted to say once again what a fine craftsman you are. The 1903a3 you reconditioned for me help me receive a gold medal at Camp Perry this year. I appreciate the excellent work you do.
 B. Gildea

Mr. Arrington,
I'd just like to thank you for the fine accurizing work you did to my M14 a couple months ago.
I shot a 4-shot group at 100 yards that measured 0.318, outside to outside, including bullet diamter.  It was a five shot string and I went down range only to find 2 holes in the paper (I boogered up the 5th shot, knowing I had pulled it down and to the right).
At first I assumed I had completely missed the paper, then noticed one hole was ever so slightly larger than the other.  It showed just the hints of burn and tear from 3 other impacts.
I don't normally shoot like that and this was a fluke group for my current skill level, but you do quality work sir and I'm grateful for it.
Kelly Connor

Hi Phil,

Just a quick note to let you know that after 8 years of shooting the M1A that you built for me, I finally earned my rifle distinguished badge at the Navy
Fleet/All-Navy matches! I had a personal goal to leg out with the M1A even though it repeatedly was the boss during rapid-fire sitting! Thank you for all
the support over the years. Look forward to many more.

LT Vincent Jansen
US Coast Guard Sector San Diego


You finished rebuilding my M1 Garand about 12 years ago. I had already had a .308 heavy contour Douglas ultra-match barrel, op-rod fit, NM trigger, and
re-parkerized metal done by Springfield Armory prior to your working on my rifle, SA #3718193. Subsequently, you metal epoxy bedded a laminated wood stock,
added NM sights front and rear, and did a checkout and overall fit. I have sent 4,000+ .308 rounds down range since that time, 80% of which were match hand
loads. Man, what a superb rifle and experience this has been. If I had only one rifle, this is the one I would take with me!

On many occasions at the Zia Range south of Albuquerque, NM, I have had WWII and Korean vets (and others) approach me to admire this beautiful Garand. I
encourage them to shoot this old comrade of theirs. One +70 year old guy just busted out in tears when he held this rifle, and said it had "saved my ass" more times than I knew.

Thanx again for a great rifle,

Wayne Lawson<>

Mr. Arrington,
this is Ted Potter.  I recently bought a rifle that you built for me, and I just wanted to say thank you very much.   I've been shooting it a fair amount, and it's quickly become my favorite rifle, let alone favorite possession I currently own.  I haven't really pulled it out past 200 yards, just because I'm trying to get a comfortable feeling with it at 100 and 200 yards.  I really want to learn how these rifles work, and I'm beginning to gain a better grasp in operating it.  I just had one question, and it's kind of been frustrating me, and I know that you'd be able to help me out.   I'm trying to compile the MOA calculations for elevation and windage, and I've been having some trouble.  I'm assuming that you put a 1/2 MOA adjustment rear sight on the rifle (versus a 1/4moa), but I totally forgot, which, as you know, doesn't help me any haha.  If you could let me know, that'd be great, and I'd feel a hell of a lot more confident in making the adjustments.  Once again, Thanks a lot, and I do truly love this rifle, it really is a work of art, and I'm glad I've gotten into this style of shooting.  
Thanks a lot,
Ted Potter

You are a magician!  Not a gunsmith. not a metal working engineer guy. A Magician.  That RRA .223 is the best shooting, never-fail-to-cycle rifle I have ever seen, Somethin' else, I tell ya...  Oh, and by the way, it shoots a lot better than I EVER will!.

Hope you're having a good summer.  We're trying to stay cool.

Good day to you. It has been a few years since we have been in touch, but my next PCS move has me driving through AZ and I don't want to miss the opportunity to have the M1A you built for me looked at. I went distinguished pistol in summer '04 and have only 6 points left for rifle. I have earned all 24 with your M1A and I plan on finishing off that way too. Most likely PACFLeets in '06. I am PCSing to Coast Guard Air Station San Diego so Pendleton is just around the corner.
Will you be in town for me to drop off a gun sometime 9-11 December? That's when I think I'll be rolling through AZ. I'm not sure what needs to be done, if anything, I'll leave that up to you. Thank you,
LTJG Vincent Jansen
c: 702-219-4118

Subject: WE GOT A WINNER!!

 Jeff…just in case you didn’t hear, Dennis DeMille is the 2005 National HighPower Champion, shooting a 2385-119X to win it.  He is also the Match Rifle Champion and the Civilian Champion.  He also won the Nevada Trophy with a 798-39X, the Navy cup with a 199-7X, took third in the Army Cup with a 200-12X, third in the Crescent Cup with a 193-7, second in the Coast Artillery Trophy with a 200-14X and third in the McCann Trophy match with a 1197-57X.  Norm Houle took second with a 2383-119X and David Tubb was third with a 2376-123X. 

 Thought might you want to put this on the club website for all to hear and enjoy. 

 A number of club shoot regulars also faired well there, to mention:  Ron Shaefer, Mike Barranco and Mike Miller.  

All results can be seen on the NRA website.  Click on to competitions and select the rifle and pistol championship icon. 


I took it out for the first time after breaking it in.  The holidays really slowed me down.  I need to work on my standing position, but I fired 20 rounds slow at 100 yds.  3 shots were sighters to get to the center, 2 were out of the main group and 15 shots made a single hole that was 1 inch wide and 1.5 inches high.  No BS.  I had to put a tape measure to it.  My shooting partner was amazed.
It will take me some time to get used to the trigger standing, but I'll do my best.  Thanks again.  I'll keep you posted.
Tim Barlow 





From: (Steve Goodwin)

Phil, a few months ago you did some accuracy on a Garand of mine. I want to let you know how well it is shooting. Off the bench at 100
yards, I am popping 147gr ball bullets into a circle about the size of  a quarter. It's a treat to shoot such a well-tuned piece.

Steve Goodwin

Phil- Best of the Season to you and yours. Wanted to tell you that the receipe you gave me for 75gr Hornady and the A-Max using 2520 has been fabulous. I shot the match in Yuma on 12/21 with excellent results(198-12X) in prone- I'm still stunned. Thanks for all your help and I'm looking  forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Health and happiness in 2004. George Pastirchak

    I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you, but my schedule and the schedule of the ROTC NCO just did not match for a while.  Here is a
picture of the stocks as they are now, still in the white.  They have been stripped, sanded, bleached and then sanded again.  We are deciding whether to use a hard poly finish, or a hand rubbed bees-wax.  We still have to work on the hand guards.  Our problem right now is that the Air Force, to make sure these were never used as a rifle again, not only put a rod in the bore and welded, and put a bead over the bolt face;  they also filled in the op rod dismount notch, and welded the gas cylinder screw in place, so we can't get the upper hand guard off, so we are going to have to try and sand them in place.  It will be a challenge. I watched the young men practice today, and saw one missed catch, and the stock became firewood.  It was one that was cracked already, but this time it went into four seperate pieces. When the team starts competing this year, I'll try and get some pictures and let you see how thye look. Thanks again for the stocks you provided, and any more you can give us (after watching them today, I'm afraid I may need a dozen, rather than
a half dozen!)
Any hand guards you could spare would also be greatly appreciated. Since I messed around long enough for school to start again, anything
can be sent to the Detachment at the school.  That address is:                     Col. Dan Crum
                    Klein Collins High School
                    20811 Ella Blvd.
                    Spring, Texas 77388

Dont know if Dad mentioned it. At the National Matches @ Perry, I shot a 200-7x on Thursday (won the Service Master class) at 300 yds.  Ended the week with 2311-54x, only 17 pts from the High Master class. Thanx for the AR..






The envelope in my pocket has a pic of Lee with the flag in it. The M1 is the one you built for me. People at the range think it's great, and the first day I was there, a former Marine who was at the battle of the Chosin Reservoir gave me enough pointers to get me started.

Thanks again!


Hi Phil:

I just wanted complement you on your work.  I took the M1A to the club this
past Sunday for the second time and shot several magnificent groups, (< 0.5"
at 100yds) using the ammo loaded for my 40X.  The trigger work you did is
tremendous and has caused serve envy amongst my friends at the club.

Yesterday I started creating specific loads for the rifle in hope of getting
a repeatable one holer.

Best regards,


phil , i sent  two trigger groups out , one to you and one to another guy . i found you both online and thought i'd try you both to see if there's a difference . i am very pleased with your work , there is a  big difference . very little creep , very crisp . thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   it's right on 4.5 lbs.  , i have not got to shoot with it yet , family stuff and weather stinks , but i'm sure this will improve my accuracy . the other guy should take a lesson from you - i'm not happy with his work -  oh well .  thanks again , glenn
I had to double check the Serial Numbers on it. It looked so different. You did a great job!! Thanks Again Regards Jim Bair

      Saw your pictorial. Sounds like you guys must see a lot of reloading. I do a lot of it for my 45s from various manufacturers. Lucky this wasn't me. I use a progressive press with a powder checker(they have to be adjusted) and have been forced to bang bullets out of the barrel from the same circumstance. Thanks for your reminder. My message- Adjust your powder checker EVERY TIME YOU RELOAD !   Lou

Dear Phil,
    This is chris johnson thanking you for replacing my scope stand pole for me.  
I'm sorry it took me so long to reply but i wanted to thank you in person
but haven't had the chance.  You saved my butt and i am very grateful.  
Thanks for all that you've done for me and the junior team, I really appreciate it


I want to thank you for the really great job you did overhauling my M1A. I also appreciate the maintenance advice that you gave me on how to grease it. I'll follow your example religiously!

The old beastie shoots just like it did when new, back in 1991. Too bad I can't shoot as well as I could then, too.

Again thank you for a great job, at a very reasonable price.

Charles S.
Brigham City UT

Hey stranger:

You going to try to get out with us for a couple matches before the the championships and birthday match? You should have come out to Rio on the 23rd. Used your upper, things went right for a change....shot a 774-29x. Had clean strings at 200, 300, and 500. Yesterday was a little sloppy. Shot a 757-15x <grin>. Hate it when the rifle shoots better than me. That Shilen barrel seems to like Sierra 77s or Hornady 75 Amaxs. 23.0g H4895 with a Remington 7-1/2 under them. It shoots Hornady 75s with 24.0g RE15 equally well.

80 shot this Saturday and Sunday at South Mountain but most of us are going to go to Rio for the O-Bolt match. I suspect most of us will actually be using it as practice for the team match at the State Service Rifle Championships.


Phil Arrington,

I am in the Navy and out on the USS Roosevelt in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. I am going to be representing my squadron in the all navy match in May. I use to use the M-14's from the base armory. They no longer allow us to check them out. So now I am looking to buy

something I have wanted for a long time. The AR15. The only problem is I

am out to sea and cant just go an purchase one. So I was looking on line and found your page. The rifle will have to be service grade. Other than that I am looking for a good quality rifle. I don't know much more about it as I am just getting into the sport. I would appreciate you help and maybe see if we can make a deal to get one built. Thank you for your time.



AT2 Jesse C.




How tight was the chamber on that upper you built for me? I used it in the 500 any-any at Rio on Saturday, and had to load for it first. The 75 Amaxs I'm currently running in the Bushmaster were too long (seated to 2.57" with 24.2g H4895 and a Remington 7-1/2). Loaded up some 80s with 23g H4895; oal of 2.495", and they fit fine. Took top SR with a 436-17x, best relay was the 2nd with a 147-9x. So it is accurate!

I'm suspecting though my 75 BTHP on 24g H4895 with a Rem. 7-1/2 is going to be a little hot though for the Shilen. 24g RL15 under a Sierra 77 (WSR primer) was just fine for the 60 offhand at South Mountain.

Plan right now is to get some good 200/300 zeros at Rio on Friday and use the Shilen Saturday and Sunday.




Just back from shooting the M1 I bought from you a while back and again I am amazed at what a fine shooter it is. A nice eight shot group, kneeling at about 200 yards, that my hand covers (small hand). This rifle is just the basic model too! Thanks for doing a fine job. I may buy another soon, while I am still allowed by the Glorious Peoples Republic of California. Dave Stilwell


Dear Phil,
     Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how pleased and amazed I am with my Model 700 since you worked on it.  The difference in the gun is absolutely astounding!  It is like getting a whole new gun.  Can't thank you enough for the work you put into it.



You remember me, I am the friend of Roger Parnow.

Again, I want to thank you for repairing my AR15 after the "brand x" attempted to accurize it. The rifle "Black Magic" far exceeds my abilities to use it.

I thanked you at this year's events at Camp Perry. I bought a T shirt of yours and wear it proudly.

Please permit me to tell you what I have done with that rifle.

1999 I won FIRST PLACE NATIONAL shooting in the Marine Corps League.

THIS season shooting NRA Service Rifle Competition, I have won: 13 first place medals

7 second place medals

1 third place medal

The Seasons Trophy for my class.

Much thanks to YOU, Black Magic has performed perfectly.

Again, my friend. Thank YOU !


Richard G. Wells


Hi Phil, Just received the rifle yesterday. I just wanted to thank you for the great job that you have done. I'm so glad that I went with you for doing the work. I can't wait to break in the barrle and shoot it. Take care......Todd



I finally got a chance to shoot the Garand you built for me a couple months back.  I must say I'm amazed.  I have not had the opportunity to shoot a
while, so I started out firing a few rounds off-hand to get the feel of it.  I was immediately impressed with the accuracy of the rifle.  After a few
rounds I decided to drop down in a prone position so I could really see what the rifle would do.  I still can't believe what happened next, and
would never believe it had I not seen it and done it myself.  On a 200 yard target the first 5 rounds I fired were all in the X ring!!!  This is even
more impressive considering I'm only classified as a "Marksman" and I was using out of the box PMC M2 Ball ammo.  I think with some practice my
Expert classification will be within reach by this summer.  Best regards. 

Ben Mooneyhan
Long Beach, CA

Well Mr. Arrington, I must say that the M1A that you built for me has yet to cease amazing me.  This past weekend I shot in Tallahassee, FL and fired a Master score of 471 out of 500 in a NRA match.  I'm currently only a SS, all I did was take heed of a few pointers I received at Ft. Benning and let the rifle do the rest.  The picture I sent you (witch you can just barely see the 20 holes, Slow Fire Prone) is at 300 yds using Federal GM Match at a 600 yd reduced target.  I will try and send you a better picture for you to put up on your site after I get back from TDY in Denmark (3 weeks) if you don’t like this one.  I can't tell you how proud I am to fire this rifle, thanks so much, and hope to hear from you soon...  

 TJ   5/29/00


Phil, Just a New Years note to say how much I love the job you did on my M-1 (probably a year ago). 
I made a point of going out to the range today (Jan. 1, 2000) to try out my new shooting mat and play with my M-1 (it's in .308). Perfect functioning and a wonderful feel (not to mention accurate as Hell). In many ways I consider firing the rifle a tribute to my father's and father-in-law's generation who used the weapon in WWII and Korea. 

Thank's again,

Bill B.

Las Vegas, NV >>


<< Dear Phil:

Thought I would send you a photo of a three shot group I fired while

visiting my brother in North Carolina. Can't beat this for accuracy.

Steve >> 








Phil, Shot the M1 in our annual Garand match, 308s allowed. This is reduced course at 200. Won it over 40 plus shooters. The rifle shot consistenlty. With switching heavy mirage on stand up targets where you can't see holes most of the times, just clicking, shooting and concentrating breaking a center shot I cleaned the reduced 600 with 7 Xs. The only clean for the day, the closest one is 190. Thank you for the excellent job!!

Nez Rongero 800-skyteL2/1638488 512-933-6977

1999 Texas Service Rifle Championships  find out if he legged or not.

Nez wrote:  

 nez, you must have been really tired by the time you got to the leg  match....maybe you should not push your self so hard....i've had to start  pickin and choosing the matches i shoot rather than shootin'em all..your  still shootina m-14 are'nt you? might take less of a beatin if you back up to  an AR, course then you'll have new problems there too...sounds like you had  a pretty good match otherwise... did ricky rios shoot?...thanx for the  info...say hello to every one for me...phil


I have not had the opportunity to shoot my AR very much this year but I thought you would like to know that I competed in our local CMP match last week and set a range record.  The course is shot at 100 yards and they do not chance targets, all record shots are on a SR-1.  But I sure do like the trigger you put in.  I cleaned the 20 shots prone and prone rapid, made a sight adjustment, lost 5 points out the bottom of the 10 ring on rapid setting.  The group was strong and just out.  Lost some points standing but ended up with a 486 total.  The funny thing is I think I can do better, like maybe a 490+.
I have been mostly shooting smallbore because of scheduling problems with highpower but my interest has really picked up after that score.

Hi Phil,

Well, your rifle 'did it' again... Shot 669-18x (out of 700

possible) for six first in class out of seven possible.. also

made enough points on my average to be upgraded to Expert when

the NRA gets the paperwork... so... had a good day... wore your

sweat shirt... still haven't had time to get a photo.. was going

to take the camera with me today.. but woke up late and had to

fly out the door to make the match on time... sigh....

keep in touch..

Talk with ya later...

ride hard and shoot straight



Roger (Rog) Parnow let me use his AR15 that you accurized for the last

half of this past season, for Service Rifle Competition.

I picked up 75 points...just like THAT!

My AR15 will be in the mail Monday Morning for you to make mine at least

as good as Roger's!


Richard "B'wana" Wells

<< Mr. Arrington,

Thanks for the information. As much as I get to shoot with school

and work both, the bedding will probably last me 5 years. I failed to

mention that I had gone to a gun show in Jacksonville FL this weekend to

pick up some ammo and to find a bayonet (strictly for historical purposes).

I had taken the rifle along with to make sure I got a flash suppressor that

had a lug and that it would fit on the barrel, however, I have no intention

of ever installing it. At any rate, I had 13 people approach me about how

much I wanted for the rifle, and double that in very long, hard looks at it.

There was one gentleman in particular who happened to be a retired marine

recon soldier (Korea and Vietnam) that I spent around half an hour talking

to about my rifle and other things. He was incredibly impressed with the

rifle, I hope you don't mind me giving him your phone number, he seemed very

interested. He still has the M1 and carbine that he carried in Korea, and

is looking for a nice m14/m1a like he carried in Vietnam, particularly a

heavy stock. Just wanted to say again how pleased I am with the rifle.

Thomas G >>


yes, I took the rifle out and shot it at 200,300 and 600 yds.

200 yds: My intial three shots were at five o'clock in the nine ring (all

three shots could be covered by a quarter) I adjusted my sights and shot two


300 yds: Five shots in the X and 10 ring.

600 yds: Five shots in the nine,ten and X rings.

It's nice to be shooting like I used to.


In a message dated 01/21/2000


First and primary, I shot the National Postal Shoot with the Marine

Corps League using Roger Parnow's rifle...accurized by YOU.

My team won first place. I was the top shooter in the team. For that,

the detachment gets a trophy.

For personal, individual shooters, I shot marksman, and won first place.

This year, shooting in the NRA Service rifle shoots at the local

sportsman's club, I won four firsts and one second place medals.

At our Annual Detachment shoot, out of 40 shooters, I pulled a Fifth

place. thanks Richard G. W.


The M1-carbine arrived at the gun store last week. Sorry

I didn't tell you earlier.

What a gem!

The guys at the store had unpacked it and were drooling

over it -- and I can see why. By serendipidous circumstances,

I was able to pick it up (I had purchased another long gun,

and you can put more than one on the form) and fire it this


The sights were dead on, and it seemed to like the 110

grain bullets (12.5 gr Hodgdon H110) because it fed reliably

and grouped very well. I don't know if

you subscribe to the break-it-in school of thought, but

I do, and I cleaned it frequently and never let it get

too hot. As I get more rounds through it, I will naturally

increase the number of shots between cleanings. The Hawkeye

bore scope showed a beautifully clean barrel with almost

non-existant copper fouling (which came out easily). I think

I will experiment with moly, as it lets my other rifles run

so much cooler.

Thank you very much -- it was everything I wanted.

Curiously, I have never owned a wooden stocked firearm

which had what looks like an "oil finish". Are there

special instructions regarding the care of the stock?

Other stocks I have (which are glossy) get some occasional

stock wax, but I don't think that would apply here.

The M1 gets a place in the front row of the gun safe between

two 50 BMG long guns (LAR Grizzly and Ultimate Accuracy AMAC)

so it is quite a mutt-and-jeff display.

Thanks again (and Brownell's 10-rd magazines work just fine).

Ron >>

Lastly I just want you to know that when I was 7 years old I was able to

shoot quite well, by 12 and 13 I could out shoot my father at 150+ yards.

Ever since then I have always wanted a competition rifle that I could use

and enjoy. Even if the rifle itself was much better than I could ever tap

into, I wanted one. I always dreamed about competing and the brotherhood of

talking to fellow shooters about different loads they use in their rifles,

techniques etc. I just want you to know that what I received was far better

than expected. It truly is art, and I can't wait to shoot it. I just want

to say thanks for putting all of your knowledge into your product. It is

evident that you care about what you do which in itself is a tribute.

Well off to the range Thursday and I can't wait....I'll keep you posted on

how the rifle works out...

James >>

Well, your rifle out performed me again today. I shot the FL state 300 yd

championship, I did fair for not having shot for 7 months now. My offhand

was below my standards at 178, rapid sitting just ok at 174, and rapid prone

improved to 181... the the best part of the day was when I loaded up with

federal (instead of the british L2A2 that I shoot any other time) for the

simulated 600yd slow fire match at 300 yds. The group that I shot was

outstanding!! Dont ask me how I managed to throw out that 7 at 3 oclock...

its a mystery to me, but the rest was excellent. A few shots went left from

the mirage, but I made some sight adjustments to corect that. All in all,

not a bad day, that ended up being a 190-7X for SF prone, and a 723 for the

day... Thanks again Mr Arrington, hope ya like the pic!!!


PS-drop me a line just to let me know you got the pic ok and was able to view


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