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This page was last updated on: 02/25/2016

  • Congratulations to Lt. Vincent Jansen for going distinguished at Pac Fleet Matches 2008 with his NM M1A built by Phil Arrington-Arrington Accuracy Works

  • CONGRATULATIONS to  John Nagazyna of the Navy in earning his Distinguished Shooter Award in the Pacfleet/All Navy Matches May 9th 2002 at Camp Pendelton, Ca.   Lt. Harland Peelle, USAF, earns DISTINGUISHED SHOOTER AWARD at New Mexico State High Power Championships, Oct.17, 1999 using Spgfld M1A built by Phil Arrington - ARRINGTON ACCURACY WORKS

  • Arizona State Junior High Power Team wins 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002 National Infantry Trophy Team Match and The Arizona Arrington Accuracy Team wins 1999 Rumbold Trophy Team Match in Class

  • Phil Arrington shoots with the Air Force Shooting Team in the 1st Air Force Infantry Trophy Team in 2000 National Matches, see photo album pictures.

I build Garands and M1Aís with the same exact specís, techniques and procedures and the same care the Army and Marine Armorers built them back when they were competing with them . I was trained by G. Sgt. Frank Higginson Jr. who was one of the last Great NM M14 Armorers for the Marines. There have been only a few minor mods that have come along since that time that I have incorporated into my building of my rifles. I can build your out of the box rifle into a National Match rifle of high accuracy or I can build you a complete rifle from a bare receiver using the highest quality parts. Building a complete rifle for you is a personal thing for me and it is important for you to have the rifle do what you want it to do. I do not have prices here for complete rifles, everyone wants something different. If you wish to have a complete rifle built, please call me (Phil Arrington) and we can discuss the rifle and your purpose for it on the phone together and make sure the rifle is built exactly the way you want it.

If you have any questions about building a rifle, either call me at (623) 582-5066 or Email me. I'll be happy to answer your questions.....Phil Arrington


Do you own a Springfield M1A with a Springfield Mfg'ed bolt with loose headspace that keeps you from shooting tighter groups??

 Most of the time I can replace that Spgfld bolt with a NEW LRB bolt and tighten up that  headspace and make that rifle shoot like new again"

Call Phil Arrington @ 623-986-7806 or E-mail me at

2 out of 10 National Champions at Camp Perry, 1998 used Arrington Accuracy National Match Service Rifles

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Current Pit Duties....Click on this picture to enlarge it.

Call or Email with your wants

Descriptions of Modifications and Costs

National Match Glass Bedding- A steel epoxy compound is applied to the interior of the stock in such a way that it not only gives a skin tight fit to the receiver but also creates forend pressure pulling down on the barrel to dampen vibrations when the rifle is fired. ARMY/MARINE STYLE National Match Glass bedding., if the recv'r is rear lugged it's a little more

National Match Gas System- The gas cylinder of the M-1 Garand is gauged and machined so that there is no pressure applied to the barrel and does not touch the front handguard when installed. The gas cylinder of the M-14/M1A is heliarc welded to the barrel band after gauging.

National Match Flash Suppressor- Ream a standard GI flash suppressor to NM spec's.

National Match Op Rod spring guide- I make a NM op rod spring guide out of 11/32" diam. tool steel to smooth out the operation of the rifle cycle. .

National Match Handguards- The handguards are clearanced on the inside so as not to touch the barrel. on the M-1 the front handguard permanently attached to the barrel band with screws and epoxy the barrel band is then unitized to the barrel and the rear handguard is epoxied to the barrel band and to the handguard clip. On the M-14/M1A the handguard is unitized to the gas cylinder/barrel band assembly and to the handguard clip. .



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National Match Stock Modifications- The stock ferral is epoxied into place. The forend channel is clearanced so that the gas cylinder on the M-14/M1A and the op rod on the M-1 will not touch while functioning. The rear of the stock under the part of the receiver where the serial number is located, is relieved so that the bolt will not hit during functioning. And the stock under the trigger is relieved so the trigger will not touch. .

National Match Trigger - Stone and hone the engagement surfaces of the hammer and the sear. Reduce the engagement in the 2nd stage, lightening the trigger pull to 4.5-4.75 pounds.  .

There is no noticeable creep in the 2nd stage of a national match trigger. Most of the 4 pounds is pulled in the first stage, leaving only ounces to be pulled in the 2nd stage. allowing you to concentrate on sight alignment with the first stage pulled

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National Match Rear Sight- A Navy Style 1/2 minute adjustable rear sight is built using a special N.M. ramp aperture and an 8 detent windage knob. Your sight base, spring cover and elevation knob and pinion assembly are used, if in satisfactory condition, if not there will be an extra charge.  520 and 595 aperture sizes are available..

Do you have trouble focusing on the front sight? BOB JONES makes a lens that fits into the hood of the M-1 and M-14 National Match rear sight. The lens prescription is set to your eye.

You can supply your own N.M. sight parts,

but many sight parts available today are of inferior quality and are labor consuming to fit together. to install poor quality sights is done on a per hour rate.

Shop labor rates are $ 55.00 per hour

National Match Front Sights- Machined to taper forward so that sun light will not be reflected from the edges of the sight back to the shooterís eye. Available in .072 and .062 other widths available on special order. .

National Match check out and fit- Fit and check out all parts for smoothness of operation consistent with national match accuracy. .

I No longer add Lugs to receivers, sorry things beyond my control mandates this change.




National Match Barrels- When it comes to building national match rifles, I install nothing but first quality match grade barrels. I try to keep Criterion,Douglas and krieger Premium Match barrels in-stock. I will order and install any barrel you want. Sometimes delivery times on special order barrels take 4-8-12 weeks and more. I install barrels with match grade chambers and head space unless  differently ordered. Please call for price and availability of all  barrels.


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Arrington Accuracy does Parkerizing or phosphating, , I do original USGI parkerizing ,  the color is usually medium to dark gray to near black. The color is controlled by the consistency and hardness of the steel that it is being applied to. Stainless steel can not be parkerized or phosphate. Complete rifle .

Robar NP3 and Roguard finishes available. Please call for price

Metacol III finish is a melignium sulfide aircraft finish, that has a silicone base which makes it very slick and durable. It is applied wet and then is heat treated. Metacol III comes in a number of colors and both satin and flat finishes. Call for quote

New Beautiful Walnut M-1 Garand and M-14/M1a stock sets complete with Hand-guards available . M1A stocks do not come with matching handguards.  Email or call for prices. 

If you have a special want please Email or call, I'll see what I can do for you. 

Stocks refinished- I do hand-rubbed oil finishes with Tungoil, tru-oil and linseed oil and I spray polyurethane varnish, all in 2 coats. .

Building a national match rifle requires taking the rifle to the range and sighting it in and checking it for accuracy and function. That range trip with ammo is $75.00

Normal return FedEx shipping with Ins and signature required for delivery. is $75.00 

When I finish with your rifle, if you can shoot as well as your rifle shoots and looks

Youíre going to be really doing something !

By popular demand I now carry the JOHN WELLER Line of

These are the toughest, Strongest, most well built service rifle slings  you've ever seen. When comparing the John Weller sling To the Turner sling, you'll realize Turner could have been a little better quality for the money. J. Weller's slings are all Hand made and Hand stitched
 If you want to buy "the LAST sling you'll ever have to buy," buy a John Weller.

Pictured is the commemorative 2004 National Matches - Camp Perry with Oak Tanned leather and Stainless hwd same as the sling used on the  President's 100 presentation rifle .

Available in Oak Tan, Brown Ladigo, Black Ladigo, Oxblood, English Bridal leather  with Stainless steel,  or Polished  Brass with or w/o numbered holes Call or Email me for your choice


Surprise, AZ
(Please call or Email for appointments & shipping instructions)
Phone 623-986-7806

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