NRA Regional March 2001

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200ydstanding.jpg (9762 bytes)

200 yards Standing

AzRegional.jpg (10766 bytes)

AZ Regional

CptPeelle.jpg (14003 bytes)

Cpt. Peelle

GaryYuen.jpg (7922 bytes)

Gary Yuen

HarryMatchwinner.jpg (7706 bytes)

Harry Match Winner

Jakejrshooter.jpg (10512 bytes)

Jake Jr Shooter

JohnandtheJrs.jpg (10462 bytes)

John & the Juniors

JohnMartinandGary.jpg (12782 bytes)

John Martin & Gary

OHSHITFREDFILKINS.jpg (7846 bytes)

Oh Shit Fred Filkins

Prayingtothebulletgod.jpg (12666 bytes)

Praying to the bullet god

Preptime.jpg (9740 bytes)

Prep Time

Readyontheline.jpg (10211 bytes)

Ready on the line

Teamcoaching.jpg (13387 bytes)

Team Coaching


watchthatfrontsight.jpg (4016 bytes)

Watch that front sight




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