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  • Why you should have a Night Vision Scope or Thermal Scope

    Why you should have a Night Vision Scope or Thermal Scope

    The right scope choice is a big topic widely debated by hunters across the globe. If you’ve ever tried hunting at night, then you know the challenges that come with night hunting. These challenges necessitate the need for a good thermal scope or night vision scope. However, you must first decide what device is suitable in certain conditions.

    Let’s first have a look at each device and where it works best.

    Night Vision Scope

    Night vision scopes are also known as NVs. The devices work by amplifying visible light and near-infrared light so that you can see in the dark. These devices have been around for years and have undergone various improvements over the years. We have various generations of night vision scopes with Gen2 the most common in the market.

    The light from night vision scopes is transmitted and focused on targets making you see them clearly in the dark. A night vision scope is a good choice when hunting at night with minimal light from the moon and stars.

    When using a night vision scope, you will see your targets as a green image. Night visions feature screens coated with phosphors that lead to image creation. Electrons from gathered light pass through the tube enhanced by microchannel plates. The electrons hit the screen and release photons which create an image of where the light is focused.

    Thermal Scope

    Thermal scopes on the other hand work by detecting thermal infrared light. This is the light radiated by objects. In our case, the target game has a higher body temperature and hence emits more IR radiations. The scope then creates an image on the screen from the temperature variations of the animal and the surrounding.

    The best hunting thermal scope can detect a game in a thick bush with ease enabling you to have a clear shot. They usually feature a thermal sensor and can detect game even when hidden behind bushes. Clearer and sharper images can clearly be seen when your thermal scope has a higher resolution.

    So why should you have a thermal scope or night vision scope? Below, we discuss the various reasons why you need these two important optical devices.

    Why a thermal scope or a night vision scope is needed

    Night vision scopes and thermal scopes are needed in various night-hunting situations. Night vision devices are specifically designed for use at night. Thermal scopes on the other hand can be used both at night and during the day.

    Detecting game

    These two devices can help you detect games in the dark. Thermal scopes are able to detect minute changes in temperature. Since animals emit heat and are warmer than their surroundings, they can help detect games from a distance. Hunters can be sure there is a game at range by using a thermal scope. However, thermal scopes might not identify the exact game detected.

    Night vision devices also collect ambient light and can detect game in the dark at longer distances. When hunting at night, the night vision devices collect light from the moon and stars to illuminate targets. Where there is no moonlight, hunters can use IR illuminators to generate light. The IR illuminators work like flashlights for the night vision scopes. The light from IR illuminators can illuminate the game but is not visible to the human eye.

    Game identification

    Night vision scopes and thermal scopes can help identify the game before taking a shot. Once hunters have detected a game, they have to identify it before taking a shot. While thermal scopes can detect the game in the thickest of bushes, they might not be able to identify the game. Images on thermal scopes are usually displayed in black, white, and various other shades. In such situations, you will need a night vision scope. These two devices can be used together for better game detection and identification.

    Once the game is detected, you can then use a night vision scope to identify it. Visible light collected by night vision devices bounces off the game giving a clear image of the game on the screen. A Gen 2 night vision device can clearly identify the game from a distance so that you take a shot of the right game.

    The only situation when night vision devices are limited is when the game is standing or camouflaged. Thermal scopes are best for game detection but not identification. They are no inhibited by camo or fog. The only situation where thermal scopes will not work is in extremely cold temperatures.

    As a general rule, thermal scopes are best for detection while night vision scopes are good in detection and identification. You can choose to have either devices or just a night vision alone depending on your hunting area.

    More natural image with a wide field of view

    Hunters can enjoy a more natural image and a wider field of view. You can clearly see the game and shoot with confidence. There is no second-guessing whether you’re shooting the right game.


    You will need these scopes since they are extremely durable and can withstand harsh outdoor weather elements. While thermal scopes tend to be a little durable, both scopes can serve you well at night without damage.

    Longer battery life

    Night vision scopes can last you for a long period when fully charged. They are hugely needed when hunting away from home for days. You can track a game for hours and get close without having to worry about the battery dying.


    Both devices are becoming more affordable on the market and with a wide array of choices. You don’t have to spend a lot to get a decent night vision scope or thermal scope.

    Final verdict

    When hunting at night, you will need to detect, identify and take down the desired game. As you can see, you need a thermal scope for easy identification when a night vision scope is not suitable. However, you will need a night vision scope for identification and taking down the game. These devices are becoming affordable and are a must-have for hunters.

  • How to Use Varmint Rifle Night Scope

    The varmint rifle night scope is a piece of gear that any hunter or outdoor enthusiast should consider adding to their gear. It is a piece that can make your hunt more efficient, make you more accurate, and help you to kill more games.

    For anyone who does not know how to use a varmint rifle night scope, this article is for you.

     By providing you with a few helpful tips, you should be able to get started on using your varmint rifle night scope in no time. Read on! 

    What is a Varmint Rifle Night Scope? 

    A varmint rifle night scope is also referred to as a varmint scope, a night vision scope, or a sniper scope. It is a type of spotting scope that is designed for shooting varmints such as tree rats and coyotes. With a higher quality scope, it has been designed to shoot these small targets at long range. 

     These night vision scopes are usually found on the rifles of varmint hunters and are designed to allow them to see the target in low-light conditions, while still having the benefit of the rifle’s scope. It uses a prism that allows the hunter to have a clear image.

     Sometimes, the scope is mounted to the air gun like nightforce shv, atn x, and sightmark wraith hd and can be used to fire the rifle without having to remove it from the rifle. Also,  the scope is often mounted to a 12x lens, but can be mounted to a 16x, 20x, and even 42x lens.

    Moreover, a varmint rifle night scope is a lot like a rifle scope, but it’s used for shooting small animals like rabbits and deer, and not for hunting large animals. They often come in a variety of sizes and prices, so you are sure to be able to find one that suits your needs.

    Features of an Ideal Varmint Rifle Night Scope 

    The varmint rifle night scope is a fantastic tool that is designed for hunters to offer a better view of their target. However, before learning how to go varmint hunting, you must ensure your best night vision scopes have all the following features. 

    • A Good Night Scope 

    One of the most important features of a varmint rifle is a good night scope. If you’re going to take your varmint rifle to the field, you’ll need a good night scope. Good night vision scopes will help you see things at night beyond the range of your eyes. You’ll be able to spot varmints, games, and predators at a distance, and this will help you conserve your ammunition. 

    In addition, a good varmint rifle night scope should also be able to make out shapes, colors, and movement. With a good night vision weapon sight, you’ll be able to see things in the distance and distinguish between a deer and a man. You’ll also be able to make out tree branches, rocks, and other objects.

    • Infrared Light 

    A varmint rifle night scope is designed to use infrared light for light transmission that allows you to see clearly in the dark. The thermal scope has a built-in laser that helps the hunter identify the target.

    • Large Objective Lens 

    The large objective lens of this riflescope can produce a wider field of view which makes it great for hog hunting, deer hunting, and even coyote hunting

    • Calculator 

    The rifle scopes also have a built-in ballistic calculator that makes it easier to determine the distance to a target. The rifle scopes are a great option because they are affordable, durable, and multi-coated. It is a great choice for a varmint hunter.

    • Rubberized Coating 

    The riflescope is designed with a rubberized coating to help reduce the vibration and increase your accuracy.

    How to Use Varmint Rifle Night Scope 

    To use a varmint rifle night scope, you first need to know how to use it.

    1. Mount the Night Scope On Your Rifle 

    First, you will need to find a spot on your rifle where you can mount the night scope

     You should find a good spot on your rifle where you want the scope mount to be, such as on the front of the barrel. You should then make sure that the scope is level by adjusting the mounts on the scope. Finally, you should make sure that the scope is not going to interfere with your rifle sights. 

    1. Zero Your Scope 

     The first step is to zero your scope. This is done by holding your weapon up to the sky and aligning a red dot on the target. You want to make sure that the rifle action is clear and will not be blocked by the scope.

    1. Make Zooming Adjustments 

    The second step is to adjust your magnification settings. According to AccurateoOrdnance, for distance 300 yards you should choose a magnification power 4-12x for varmint hunting. To do this, you need to look through the scope and adjust the elevation and windage settings until the target is in focus. In other words, zoom in on the target and make any necessary external correction. 

    1. Zero In To Your Target 

     Then, make sure your reticle is level, your crosshairs are centered on the target, and that your target is actually in the center of the crosshair ii. Next, turn on their night scope and use the illuminated reticle to spot the target. 

         5. Balance Your Stance 

    Next, you need to understand how to shoot with a varmint rifle. To shoot, you need to hold the rifle steady. This means you need to keep it down and away from your face. It is also important to make sure that your rifle is not pointing towards your head. 

    6. Prepare To Shoot 

    Finally, you need to understand how to hold your rifle. You need to hold your rifle properly with both hands. You need to have your thumbs on the pistol grip and your fingers around the trigger. With the rifle’s recoil-absorbing stock, gently squeeze the trigger, and fire a single shot

    Things to Consider Before Buying a Varmint rifle Night Scope 

    If you’re considering buying a varmint rifle night scope, there are pros and cons you need to weigh before making your decision. Here are a few of them: 


    • Target Acquisition 

     The varmint rifle night scope is a compact rangefinder that is designed to give you a good view of the target you are aiming for. With this rifle, you can see a person up to a mile away.

    • Compatibility 

    The scope is small, lightweight, and stable to use; making it the best scope for a hunter. 

    • Durability 

    A varmint rifle night scope is a rifle scope that is designed to be extremely durable, and long-lasting. While a regular scope will break or suffer from damage if not used properly, a varmint rifle night scope is built to withstand whatever is thrown at it.

    • Perfect For Low-light Shooting 

    They also offer a wide field of view for quick and accurate shooting in low light conditions. 

    The scope is easy to use and the magnification size is perfect for the hunter alongside the Night Vision which provides a clear view of the target. 

    • Ideal For Training 

    A varmint night scope is the best way to train yourself and others on rifle shooting. It is not just another firearm accessory, it is a training tool that can help you improve your skills and teach you the basics since it is a tube-style muzzleloader that offers a great way to practice your skills as a hunter. 

    The goal of training with a night scope is to be able to see targets in the dark, something that can be difficult when you are wearing night vision goggles. A night scope also has a few other advantages. 

    Also, not only does it let you see how your air rifle will react to different shooting positions but also lets you see how your rifle performs in terms of accuracy.

    Cons : 

    • A  varmint rifle night scope allows you to target a varmint at night, but it has some cons.
    • The biggest con of using a varmint rifle night vision scope is that it is not as good as a traditional riflescope.
    •  One disadvantage that may be of concern to some shooters is that the scope makes a lot of noise 
    • It is not a safe rifle to use for hunting if you have no experience with it. So an expert should put you through it before you start using it. 
    •  Another disadvantage is that it is pricey and may not be affordable by all. 

    Concluding Thoughts

    There is not much to say about this rifle, but it is a great tool for any hunter. Remember, 

     A varmint rifle night scope is designed to have a long eye relief. This means that you’ll be able to see your target without having to get too close. It is important to keep your rifle at a distance, but it is also important to be able to see what you’re shooting at.

    However, if you are looking for a scope that is easy to use and provides a great view of the target, you should consider using varmint night vision scopes.

  • Important Reasons to Start Using a Hunting Rangefinder

    Most hunters can agree that investing in a quality hunting rangefinder is a great idea. A hunting rangefinder is the final missing equipment to complete your hunting gear. You probably have your rifle or bow and a quality pair of scopes. Adding a rangefinder will ensure your hunt is a success.

    With a quality pair of scopes, you can easily spot the game from a distance and take an accurate shot. However, if the range is not right, then you’re most likely going to miss. Why? Because your range was not correct! Adding a hunting rangefinder will ensure pinpoint accuracies. While this might seem like more expenses on your hunting gear, it should not bother you. Most hunting rangefinders are affordable and easily available.

    Even better, the market is nowadays filled with a variety of rangefinders with great improvements. Hunting rangefinders are nowadays durable, easy to use, and pretty fast. Here are 8 important reasons why you need to start using a hunting rangefinder.

    8 Crucial Reasons to Start using a Hunting Rangefinder


    To learn your load

    Every hunter does practice with their rifle or bow before hunting. This helps them learn how to hit the right spot at suitable distances. Make sure you can hit the practice area several times before you start hunting. This is achieved by setting targets at different distances at practicing to hit them. This is where a rangefinder comes in to give you precise distances.

    There are usually ballistic drops and rises at different shooting distances. Go ahead and take notes on the rifle’s drop or rise load at different distances. The drop and rise of the load are crucial at determining where the shot will be at specific distances. This is crucial at ensuring perfect shots and is what takes us to our next point.

    Eliminates guesswork

    Hunting rangefinders eliminate any guesswork from your hunting. While some of the experienced hunters try to trust their guesswork, it is never that accurate. This device provides you with accurate distances between you and the target. Accurate distance from your rifle to your target is important when looking to make accurate shots. The rangefinder device will send a laser beam to the target and measure the distance.

    With accurate range distance, you’re not going to miss the target. It is obvious not hunter wants to track an injured animal. This is unnecessary and one that inflicts pain on the animal. Make one clear shot and get the animal dead. This leads us to our next point.

    Making a humane kill

    As much hunting ends in a dead game, the game needs to die in the most humane way. Imagine hitting a buck on the leg. Obviously, it will run injured and in a lot of pain. It is up to you to track it down and take another precise shot. This is putting the animal through pain and torture. It even gets worse when you can’t track and finish it off. However, with a quality hunting rangefinder, you can be sure of the bullet drop and the exact spot it will hit the animal at a specific distance.

    This is an excellent feature at hitting the animal on the right spots where it dies immediately without enduring too much pain.

    Avoids getting too close

    Most hunters know what it means to get too close to your target. Get too close, and a single sound will scare the game away. This means another hour or two of searching and tracking before spotting your target again. This can be agonizing and something every hunter wants to avoid. You can only do that with a proper rangefinder.

    Whether hunting with a bow or a rifle, a rangefinder will tell you of the correct distance to take a shot without getting too close.

    Helps prepare perfect shooting valleys

    A rangefinder can also help you prepare different shooting valleys. Remember, hunting is more like ambushing your target. This requires a good viewing area but one discreet from the target. When setting your hunting spot (this can be a tree stand or deer blind), mark available geographical features. You can then use your range finder to measure the distances to those features.

    This way, when a target appears suddenly, you can quickly take a shot by memorizing the range in relation to a specific geographical feature.

    Helps improve your estimating skills

    When you practice with a rangefinder for long, you will soon become a pro at estimating. When a game suddenly appears, and you don’t have enough time to use a rangefinder, you can take approximately. However, accurate approximations are only possible with continuous practice of using a rangefinder.

    Portable and lightweight

    When it comes to hunting, weight and size matters a lot. You need gears that are lightweight and pretty easy to carry. This is even a greater reason to use rangefinders since they are pretty compact and lightweight. Practically, you can carry any rangefinder on your around your neck.

    Affordable Lastly, rangefinders are becoming more affordable and readily available. There is no big investment required to get a quality rangefinder.