Important Reasons to Start Using a Hunting Rangefinder

Most hunters can agree that investing in a quality hunting rangefinder is a great idea. A hunting rangefinder is the final missing equipment to complete your hunting gear. You probably have your rifle or bow and a quality pair of scopes. Adding a rangefinder will ensure your hunt is a success.

With a quality pair of scopes, you can easily spot the game from a distance and take an accurate shot. However, if the range is not right, then you’re most likely going to miss. Why? Because your range was not correct! Adding a hunting rangefinder will ensure pinpoint accuracies. While this might seem like more expenses on your hunting gear, it should not bother you. Most hunting rangefinders are affordable and easily available.

Even better, the market is nowadays filled with a variety of rangefinders with great improvements. Hunting rangefinders are nowadays durable, easy to use, and pretty fast. Here are 8 important reasons why you need to start using a hunting rangefinder.

8 Crucial Reasons to Start using a Hunting Rangefinder


To learn your load

Every hunter does practice with their rifle or bow before hunting. This helps them learn how to hit the right spot at suitable distances. Make sure you can hit the practice area several times before you start hunting. This is achieved by setting targets at different distances at practicing to hit them. This is where a rangefinder comes in to give you precise distances.

There are usually ballistic drops and rises at different shooting distances. Go ahead and take notes on the rifle’s drop or rise load at different distances. The drop and rise of the load are crucial at determining where the shot will be at specific distances. This is crucial at ensuring perfect shots and is what takes us to our next point.

Eliminates guesswork

Hunting rangefinders eliminate any guesswork from your hunting. While some of the experienced hunters try to trust their guesswork, it is never that accurate. This device provides you with accurate distances between you and the target. Accurate distance from your rifle to your target is important when looking to make accurate shots. The rangefinder device will send a laser beam to the target and measure the distance.

With accurate range distance, you’re not going to miss the target. It is obvious not hunter wants to track an injured animal. This is unnecessary and one that inflicts pain on the animal. Make one clear shot and get the animal dead. This leads us to our next point.

Making a humane kill

As much hunting ends in a dead game, the game needs to die in the most humane way. Imagine hitting a buck on the leg. Obviously, it will run injured and in a lot of pain. It is up to you to track it down and take another precise shot. This is putting the animal through pain and torture. It even gets worse when you can’t track and finish it off. However, with a quality hunting rangefinder, you can be sure of the bullet drop and the exact spot it will hit the animal at a specific distance.

This is an excellent feature at hitting the animal on the right spots where it dies immediately without enduring too much pain.

Avoids getting too close

Most hunters know what it means to get too close to your target. Get too close, and a single sound will scare the game away. This means another hour or two of searching and tracking before spotting your target again. This can be agonizing and something every hunter wants to avoid. You can only do that with a proper rangefinder.

Whether hunting with a bow or a rifle, a rangefinder will tell you of the correct distance to take a shot without getting too close.

Helps prepare perfect shooting valleys

A rangefinder can also help you prepare different shooting valleys. Remember, hunting is more like ambushing your target. This requires a good viewing area but one discreet from the target. When setting your hunting spot (this can be a tree stand or deer blind), mark available geographical features. You can then use your range finder to measure the distances to those features.

This way, when a target appears suddenly, you can quickly take a shot by memorizing the range in relation to a specific geographical feature.

Helps improve your estimating skills

When you practice with a rangefinder for long, you will soon become a pro at estimating. When a game suddenly appears, and you don’t have enough time to use a rangefinder, you can take approximately. However, accurate approximations are only possible with continuous practice of using a rangefinder.

Portable and lightweight

When it comes to hunting, weight and size matters a lot. You need gears that are lightweight and pretty easy to carry. This is even a greater reason to use rangefinders since they are pretty compact and lightweight. Practically, you can carry any rangefinder on your around your neck.

Affordable Lastly, rangefinders are becoming more affordable and readily available. There is no big investment required to get a quality rangefinder.

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