How to Choose a Holster for Concealed Carry Springfield XDS?

If you’re reading this, then we assume you own a Springfield XDS and want a good holster. A Springfield XDS is one of the most compact guns best suited for a concealed carry. When you have a gun that conceals well, you need a lightweight holster that molds to your gun shape.

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to finding the best holster for a concealed carry Springfield XDS. Choosing the best holster is more like choosing a favorite movie. You need to consider various factors to find the best holster for a concealed carry. Below, we discuss some of the important considerations to make.

Things to Consider When Choosing XDS Holster


Security is an important factor in choosing the best rated holster for a concealed Springfield XDS carry. You want to be sure you can walk comfortably without anybody taking your pistol. The ideal Springfield XDS holster must ensure there are no accidental discharges. The security of your Springfield XDS pistol is of uttermost importance.

The best-concealed carry for a Springfield must feature a trigger guard. You need a holster that covers the entire trigger mechanism. This is a great feature of preventing accidental discharges.


Since you’re looking for a concealed holster, you want something that will not show any prints. The best thing about Springfield XDS is that it is a compact pistol. This makes concealment a lot easier. However, concealing this pistol during the summer when the temperatures are high is difficult. You need to hide it safely without showing the prints.  The ideal holster must match your style during such conditions for excellent concealment.

Material construction

This is a matter of quality, durability, and comfort. You need a holster that will serve you for long, look great, and offer excellent comfort levels. Most Springfield holsters are manufactured using a variety of materials.  These include leather, Kydex, nylon, and a combination of two or more materials. The leather material is considered the best since it is durable and of better quality.

However, you need to ensure the interior of the holster is smooth. Rough interiors can cause scuffs and scratches on your gun.

Swift draw

Most people are also looking for a quick and swift draw of their pistol. During an emergency, you want to access your gun as quickly as possible. This calls for a great balance between gun security and quick drawing.  The choice also comes down to the use of the holster. There are four categories of Springfield XD-S holsters to fit different persons.  These categories include the following:

Types of Springfield XDs holsters

  • Duty holsters: These are holsters usually worn by the police or uniformed officers on duty.
  • Tactical holsters: These are quick-draw holsters worn by the military, security, and law enforcement officers.
  • Sporting holsters: These holsters are worn for sports shooting or hunting.
  • Concealment holsters: This is where we will put our focus. They are uniquely designed holsters worn by peace officers and private citizens. The aim here is to fully conceal your Springfield XDS pistol. We will look at different types of places where you can hide your pistol.

Best Concealed Carry Holster for a Springfield XDS

According to, the IWB holster is by far the most popular method for a concealed Springfield XDS carry. This is a holster that carries the pistol on the strong side of your hip. Here, the IWB holster carries the gun on the inside of your waistband.  This is a solid method not just for the Springfield XDS but also for most small and medium-sized guns. It is a perfect method since the Springfield XDS pistol is compact and lightweight.

You will find larger guns feeling uncomfortable on the inside and hard to conceal. While this holster offers excellent concealment, it reduces how fast one can withdraw their gun. You can carry on the pistol on the outside of the waist but this will not conceal it properly. However, it will greatly increase the speed of acquiring your gun. This is what we call the OWB holster and one that was popular with the cowboys.

Other popular Springfield XDS holsters

Apart from the inside of the waistband, you can also consider other methods. This includes the shoulder holster, ankle holster, appendix holster, and pocket holsters. An ankle holster is another great choice but one that requires bending before you can access your pistol. It is a great choice for a secondary pistol.

A shoulder holster is also great when carrying more than one gun. However, make sure you don’t have any medical issues that prevent drawing from the shoulder quickly. You can also choose the appendix holster which keeps the gun just in front of the hip.

Final verdict

In conclusion, IWB holster is the best-concealed carry for a Springfield XDS. However, you can consider other holster choices if they suit your situation.  You need to ensure maximum gun safety, comfort, and quick retrieval. While there is no single holster that achieves all the attributes, make sure you strike a good balance in these features.

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